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What is single inbox?

The single inbox feature synchronizes your UofL voicemail messages with your UofL Exchange (Outlook) email.

Who can get single inbox?
The single inbox feature is only available to those who have a UofL Exchange (Outlook) email account, as well as a UofL's voicemail account.

How can I get single inbox enabled on my UofL voicemail account?
This feature can be enabled free of charge via an IT work order. For more information on the process, see the Single Inbox User Guide

What if I change my phone number or location?
Please complete another work order reflecting these changes, and we will update your single inbox feature. Use the same procedure in the Single Inbox User Guide as you did for your original single inbox request.

How do I check voicemail messages in my default email program (e.g. Outlook)?
Voice messages will appear in the default inbox folder of your default email program (such as Outlook). Messages contain a .wav file attachment with the recording. You can play a voice message by opening the attachment.

Can I check my voicemail through email on my mobile device, too?
Yes. If you are syncing your UofL email to your mobile device, you will be able to listen to your voicemail messages through the email program on your device. For more information on syncing UofL email on your mobile device, see the Mobile Email for Exchange site.

Where are voicemail messages stored in my default email program?
The location that your voicemail messages will be placed is the default inbox of your email program (such as Outlook). For most users, this is the default Outlook Inbox. However, some users change their default inbox to another folder.

How does my default email program notify me of a new voicemail message?
Your email program notifies you of new voice messages in the same way that it notifies you of new email messages.

How can I tell who the voicemail message is from?
The From field of a message will contain either the name of a UofL voicemail user or “Cisco Unity Connection Messaging System.” Cisco or “UCXN" appears in the From field when a message is left by someone who is not a UofL voicemail user. The Subject field displays the phone number of the caller, if it is available.

How do I delete voice messages in my default email program?
You can delete voice messages from your email program just as you do email messages. For some email programs (other than Outlook), you may need to periodically purge your deleted messages folder to completely delete voice messages.

Can I send voice messages from within my default email program?
No. You cannot record voice messages or replies to voice messages from your email program.

Can I reply to the message from within my default email program?
No. If you click Reply, the email will go to <userID>, which is not a valid email address. If you want to reply to a voicemail, you can forward the email to the voicemail sender or use a phone as you normally would.

How do I forward the message from within my email program?
Just use the Forward option as you would with a regular email, if you would like to send a voicemail messages to others.

Why doesn't the envelope icon in Outlook change once I have read the email?
The envelope icon in the Outlook inbox will not change from a closed envelope to an open envelope, as it does with regular emails. This is a known issue between Cisco (the university’s voicemail provider) and Microsoft. This may be fixed in future software releases.

I have an ‘Out of Office’ rule set up. Will people leaving me voicemail be notified?
Automatic Replies (Out of Office) messages that you set up in Outlook are ignored by the voicemail system and will not reach those who leave you voicemail messages.

Does the red message waiting light turn off on my desk phone when I listen to or delete a message from my email program?
Yes. Deleting a voice message from within the Outlook Inbox triggers the voicemail message to be removed from your voicemail system. This clears the red message waiting light on your phone. (This may take up to 30 seconds.)

If I delete messages from within my default email program, will the voicemails still be accessible from a telephone?
No. The message will be removed from the voicemail system and the red message waiting light on your phone will be cleared. (Again, this may take up to 30 seconds.)

How does the voicemail storage policy affect the single inbox feature?
The voicemail storage policy is applied to your voicemail account itself. So the same storage policies apply regardless of how you access the voicemail messages (whether through your email program or your telephone.) Please see the voicemail storage policy FAQs for more information regarding the policy.

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