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AT&T Web Meeting Service can provide the solution in real-time data sharing and editing via the Internet. When combined with our audio conferencing services – Reservation-less, Reserved or full-featured Executive, it adds a visual dimension to your virtual meetings.

Features of AT&T Web Meeting Service include

  • Desktop Sharing --- Web Touring
  • Application Sharing --- Video
  • File Transfer --- Whiteboard
  • Polling --- Chat
  • Record & Playback

AT&T Web Meeting Service makes it easy

With AT&T Web Meeting Service there is no set-up fees, no minimums and no fixed charges. You pay only for the time you spend conferencing. At 13¢ per minute, per person, you can web conference anywhere in the world instantly.

Get started right now. You don't have to wait; you can begin conferencing in minutes by sending a service request. Go to No credit card required, just include your department’s speedtype number to charge your session. You will receive your folder ID and an email giving you instructions. Follow the Hosting a Web Conference instructions in the email. Call AT&T Web Meeting Service Customer Support at (800) 526-2655 if you have any questions.

The first time you use the Web Meeting Service, you will need to download the client software. Web Meeting HELP & Software Downloads can be found at:

AT&T Web Meeting Training is available for registered users (Host) only. To register go to Enter your email address and enter the password Webtrain. A list of scheduled classes will be displayed for your selection. Once you select a class, you will be prompted to build a profile and create a password. For future visits to the Web Site, just enter your email address and password.

Web conferencing adds value in so many ways. Once you see how easy it is to meet virtually, you will use web conferencing throughout your business.

For more information on these and other features, please call your in-house AT&T Teleconference Account host –Karin H. Tyler at 852-5281; or visit

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