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Phishing is a type of malicious email sent to you in order to steal usernames, passwords, personal information, credit card numbers and other sensitive data by masquerading as from a trustworthy entity. A phish pretends to be from a credible source such as UofL IT, HR or other organizations related to the university. The goal of most phishing emails is to trick you into clicking on a web link or visiting a web site in order to steal your UofL credentials.

UofL IT's Phishbowl allows you to see recent fake emails that have hit our filtering system or have been identified by our users. The links and addresses included in these messages are from real-life examples, they are here for awareness only - do not explore them. Additionally, do not assume an email you've received is safe because it is not listed here. There are many variants of every phishing email, with new ones sent each day. If in doubt about an email or if you've clicked on a phishing scam, please consult our IT HelpDesk.

Phishbowl Phishbowl