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Instructions to Complete the Microsoft Campus Agreement Participation Online Form

  • This form should be used by Unit Business Managers to update the speedtype billed for the Microsoft Campus Agreement.

MCA form contact info

  • All fields on the form are required.
  • Choose all the context names for the participating departments that will be paid by the provided speed type.

Please note: Participation, as before, is at the NDS context level. Only one speed type per context name can be accepted. If multiple departments are in the same context, an IUT between departments can be processed to adjust the amount paid by each participating department.

  • To select multiple contexts that are together in the list:

1. Click on the first context name
2. Hold the SHIFT key down
3. Go to the last context name and click on it.

  • · To select multiple contexts that are not together in the list:

1. Click on the first context name
2. Hold the CTRL key down
3. Go to the next context name and click on it to select
4. Repeat until you have selected all context names desired.

  • · Once all information has been completed and the context selected, click on the SUBMIT button.
  • · A confirmation screen will be displayed for verification.

MCA form submit screen

  • The confirmation screen provides the context selection and includes all department information associated with that context. Additionally, FTE totals are provided for each FTE category including department subtotals and the total cost to participate.
  • · Clicking on the CANCEL button will return you to the previous screen.
  • · Click on the CONFIRM button to continue.
  • · A completion screen will be displayed indicating the submission was accepted.

MCA form confirmation

  • The completion screen also indicates the online form session has been closed.
  • An email confirming the data submitted will be sent to the contact indicated.
  • Microsoft Campus Agreement charges will be reflected on the August bill.

Microsoft Campus Agreement online enrollment form