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These are the most frequently asked questions about the University's long distance service, billing (invoicing) and credits.

Who is our Long Distance Carrier?

The University of Louisville is in contract with AT&T for long distance services.

What is an ELD Code?

An ELD code is an authorization code that allows one to make domestic and international calls from University phone lines..

How do I get an ELD code?

Your Department must request an authorization code be assigned to you. The department must complete a work order with your name and the PeopleSoft Speedtype to charge.

Can we share codes?

Absolutely not. No authorization codes should ever be shared. Each employee authorized by the department to make long distance calls should have their own personal code. This procedure will minimized abuse and misuse. However, should a E: : Edepartment insist on sharing codes they will assume full responsibility for any abuse or misuse and will NOT receive any credit for the charges.

Can I get an ELD code for my graduate or workstudy student?

It is not recommended that students be given authorization codes, nor should they know or use a code assigned to anyone else in the department. Students can not use the authorization code from their dorm phones, however, there have been numerous occasions where they have used ELD codes to make domestic and international calls from various University phones all over campus. The ELD authorization code is for Administrative use (faculty and staff). It is recommended that students not use ELD codes, however, should a department insist, a code will be assigned with the notation that the department is NOT to receive credit for any abuse on this code. When assigning an ELD code to a student the department assumes all responsibility for any and all abuse.

I have frequent employee changes, do I have to cancel the ELD codes and request new ones?

If an employee has departed services from the University you may continue using that ELD code and simply request a name change. If the employee has gone to another University department, that employee may keep the code and send in a request to change the speedtype being charged; however, a department has the right to have any code deleted if an employee is no longer authorized in their department to make long distance calls.

Can I use my ELD code anywhere?

ELD codes can be used from any UofL campus (Belknap, HSC, or Shelby) from virtually any University phone (except dorm, security and campus-only lines).

Can I make calls from home using my ELD code?

No. The recommended practice is to make the calls and have them charged to your home phone then have your department reimburse you.

What is call detail?

Call Detail is a record of your calls for a specific period. You will have call detail for all calls made from University lines, cellular phones, AT&T calling cards, and wireless phones. The bill detail for all your ELD calls, collect calls, direct-dialed calls, calling card calls and web/audio conference calls can be found online through University reports.

What are Communication Services Chargeback calls?

This is an invoice for calls completing over the AT&T Direct-Dialed network. All calls that can not complete over the SDN (Least-cost-network) overflows to the AT&T Direct-dialed network. Also, collect calls and operator-assisted conference calls are charged back to departments on this invoice. AT&T bills IT Communications Services for the calls as a group. Communication Services bills back the departments.

The calls detailed on my bill are not my calls, what do I do?

You need to report this to the Telephone coordinator or Unit Business Manager in your department, or you can fax a copy of the bill detail to Communications Services at 502.852.5048. You can also mail a copy to MITC Room 109, Belknap Campus; Attention: Karin Tyler.

What if I have questions about my charges?

If you have any concerns or questions regarding your communication services, you should contact IT Communications Services - Customer Administration at 852-5145. You may also send an email to .

How far can you credit back billing errors?

Calls are generally processed from the first day to the last day of the month. All detail should be reviewed by the department when reports are ready online (via University reports). Any discrepancies and/or errors should be reported to IT Communications Services - Customer Administration immediately. Errors will only be credited back one-month in most cases.