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Q: How do I request an account?

A: Visit the CRC account request page. CRC accounts are for faculty researchers or students working on faculty-sponsored research projects. All requests go through an approval process. Requestors will be notified of their application status within two (2) business days.

Q: How do I acknowledge use of the CRC and/or research computing consultants' time in my publications?

A: The preferred text is: This work was conducted in part using the resources of the University of Louisville's research computing group and the Cardinal Research Cluster.

or, for just consulting time:

This work was conducted in part using the resources of the University of Louisville's research computing group.

Q: Is my data backed up?

A: Home directories are backed up. Scratch directories are not. Every user has one home directory and at least one scratch directory. Files in the scratch directories may be periodically deleted when space is an issue, i.e. when more than 90% of the disk is full. You will be given advanced notice before files are deleted so that you can move them off the cluster.

Q: Do I have unlimited storage space?

A: There is a quota of 25 GB for faculty and 10 GB for students on your home directory. There is currently no quota on your scratch directories, although this may change if storage space conflicts arise.

Q: What consulting services do you offer?

A: We offer general consulting on research computing problems. Free open consulting is available for up to 8 hours of consulting, and free extended consulting may be available for up to 160 hours of time. You must contact us for extended consulting.  Approval depends on the availability of a consultant with suitable expertise for your research problem. 

Q: Why can't I access the CRC from off campus?

A: The CRC is behind the campus firewall, so users must access it either from an on-campus computer or using the UofL vpn.   When requesting a CRC account, users are automatically given a VPN account.

Contact us at with any questions or for additional information.