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ITS has replaced the Home Directory service with CardBox.


CardBox is the unlimited, cloud solution for UofL’s file storage and collaboration needs.  A free and easy-to-use Box account with
mobile, online and desktop applications for students, faculty and staff. Users can share folders, files, collaborate within and outside
of the university, plus integrate automatic back-ups for O365 and personal folders.
CardBox lets you secure, share and edit all your files from anywhere.
To request a CardBox account, log in to your self-service portal. Instructions on how to request a CardBox account can be found here: Request Accounts (CardBox, VPN, Sponsored Account, Service Account)

User Guide:

Additional CardBox Tips:

Understanding CardBox Collaborator Permission Levels

User requests CardBox account and receives invitation email

Cardbox Forces Password Reset

Deprecation of Unsupported CardBox Applications