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 Maintaining subscribers is the responsibility of the list owners. The Listserv administrators maintain the Listserv service and are happy to assist owners with questions. Below is the process for loading your subscribers from Excel. Contact the university helpdesk if you require any further assistance.

Bulk loading a Listserv list from an Excel spreadsheet
(caveat: This is not necessarily the best thing to do, but this is the method for doing it when needed.)

First you need to build the input file with one address per line.
This needs to be a "flat" (unformatted) file, so not Excel, Word, or CSV format.
The best syntax to use for manageability of the list is

emailaddress firstname lastname

Names are not required, but make it easier to identify the right person when questions arise.
If you have the info in an Excel spreadsheet then start by doing a "Save As"
to a temporary name so auto-save doesn't bite you and overwrite your original file.
You can then do column moves and/or deletes until data elements are in the order above.
Then do a File > Save As > Save as type: Text (MS-DOS) (*.txt) to save the data as a "flat" file.
Please be aware that the Macintosh creates the data file above as one long line with no breaks, which doesn't work, so for a Mac instead choose Save as type: Text (Windows) (.txt)

Next login to the Listserv web interface at with your email address and your AD/ULINK password.
Click on the "List Management" drop down list and select "Subscriber Management".
Loading from a file is supported under the "Bulk Operations" tab, so click that.
Choose (click on) the Function that describes what you want to do with the existing subscribers. Click on the "Browse" button and choose the file you exported from Excel.
Then click on the "Import" button to process the selected file with the specified options.
Messages will be generated to give you a summary of actions taken.
Click on the "Log Out" link at top right when you are finished.

09/26/2016 13:43:07 - Morghan A TylerAdditional comments
Needs help to import email addresses into Listserv.
Has an Excel spreadsheet with email addresses to import

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  1. This isn't accurate any longer .. it's for an older version of LISTSERV

  2. "After much searching, I found that you can do bulk operations under Subscriber reports – but it’s not as easy as it was.  You have to delete all subscribers first, then import your new list. "